Group Policy

Lux Hotels undertakes in making its services better, always trying to assure new services with added value, ensuring training and informing its employees in order to be more efficient in its services and solutions.
Our mission is to put forward quality Accommodation and Catering Services assuming as a priority the satisfaction of our guests, employees, partners, external suppliers as well as other stakeholders, in a profitable system with sustainable growth.

This way, the Lux Hotels management board warrants implementing the following set of values to all its Hotels:

Offering our Guests the best balance between price / quality;
Carrying through a personalized and courteous service;
Promoting a sense of continuous excel with responsibility, simplicity, professional ethics and cost control to avoid waste;
Abiding to the applicable laws in the Hospitality Sector, assuring that they are known and respected. This way, we aim to guarantee our guests' comfort, security and trust;
Establishing goals in Quality Control and Environmental concerns, always measuring and analysing our performance, procedures, operations and services in order to enforce the Groups' set of values;
Promoting the teams sense of excelling in operations and procedures, exceeding our guests' expectations by assuring an effective problem prevention and solution strategy;
Assuring that our employees have the correct training, that they understand and adhere to the set practices and procedures by emphasizing on their individual responsibility;
Improve organization internally, endeavouring to achieve the set objectives with the necessary tools;
Raising awareness to the importance of our environmental concerns, defining an improvement scheme according to our practice;
In order to minimize our carbon footprint we promote a preemptive approach to pollution prevention and we are committed in reducing our waste emission, assuring the correct disposal of waste, as well as, controlling and minimizing our resource management; 

This path will be built by ALL, applying knowledge, sustainability, technology and efficiency in all activities in order to correspond to our guests' demands and expectations using the requisites of NP EN ISO 9001 and NP EN ISO 14001, as a guideline for promoting good conduct in quality control and environmental concern.

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