galeria do largo

What used to be an Art Gallery, where local artists displayed their work, is now a showcase of flavours. The Chef's culinary delights invite you on a journey across Portuguese cuisine. Traditional Portuguese cuisine, prepared with contemporary quality, precision and excellence.

The gastronomic offer of Galeria do Largo is clearly identified with the values and traditions of Portuguese cuisine, not forgetting the restrictions on the diet of our customers (vegetarian, bio, gluten free).

A bi-annual menu, clearly influenced by the main seasons of the year, fall-winter and spring-summer. Desserts are renewed at each solstice and equinox, reflecting the typical and characteristic flavors of each season, making the most of the freshness of the ingredients and ensuring greater sustainability.


Restaurante Maria do Carmo

Named after a beloved woman, Maria, and after the square where it is located, Carmo. The words came together and the Maria do Carmo Restaurant was born from the will to revive the convivial and bohemian atmosphere of the old Portuguese taverns. Traditional delicacies, with a careful and contemporary presentation, made from a selection of the best Portuguese products. Our kitchen combines authentic flavours with high-quality products that come from various Portuguese regions.

The wines we serve are also Portuguese, with flavours as different as the climate and the soils in which they are produced. In addition to classic wines, at the Maria do Carmo Restaurant you can also taste new wines, whose quality we couldn't afford to miss. Indoors or out on the terrace, come and lose yourself in the flavours of Portuguese culinary delights.



The Mensagem Restaurant owes its name to the book Message from Fernando Pessoa.

With an intimate and refined atmosphere, Message has an interior room with small eight niches. Each one is named after a poem from Fernando Pessoa's original work and has a private window over the city of Lisbon.

The restaurant also has two terraces, authentic viewpoints of the Portuguese capital. From there you can glimpse the Castle, the Tagus River and «Lisbon with its houses / Of Many colors». 

Restaurant available for events or groups by prior reservation. Daily only available for breakfast and snacks.


Mercearia Eborim

It is a space of sharing and comfort par excellence, where family and friends get together to celebrate a festive day or because each day is special to be with our own. There is no other place like the one that makes us feel at home.

Next to the restaurant, you will find the “patio das oliveiras” or olive tree patio, an outdoor space that invites and favors slow living. Here we can also try the chef's dishes of contemporary orientation, never neglecting Alentejo products.
Concern for seasonal products is a constant in the bi-annual menus, thus ensuring greater freshness and sustainability.