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The Lux Hotels Group was founded in April 1989, with the opening of the Lux Mundi Hotel, in Fátima. Following the subsequent expansion, the Lux Hotels Group (with its new motto “be lux, be unique”) now offers the “lux” and “unique” segments. The "lux" hotels are the Lux Mundi, the Lux Fátima, the Lux Fátima Park and the Lux Lisboa Park. These hotels are characterised by their spacious areas and modern atmosphere, perfect for all kinds of events.

In the “unique” segment, we have the Lisboa Carmo Hotel, the Porto A.S. 1829 Hotel, Évora Olive Hotel and the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel. The unique hotels stand out for their thematic, for being boutique hotels and for their unique comfort experience and historical surroundings.


Creating unique and unforgettable moments, delivering comfort, quality and professionalism in any of their hotels and restaurants, it’s the main goal of the Lux Hotels group.


In a globalized and competitive context, the Lux Hotels Group's mission is to present quality hotel products and services, taking as a priority the satisfaction of our customers, employees, partners and suppliers in a framework of profitable and sustainable growth.

The Lux Hotels Group is concerned with the continuous improvement of the service it provides, seeking to create differentiated value proposals, investing in the training and information of its employees as a way to be more effective and efficient in its services and solutions.


We want to be a reference group at national and international level of experience Hotels..


Sympathy; Professionalism; Knowledge; Innovation; Renovation; Ethic; Social and Environmental Responsibility; Sustainable Growth; Service of Excellence; Flexibility.

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Be lux, Be Unique